Our Menu

Lunch & Dinner

ROLLO & BAKULI (8.75 – 9.95)
(Wraps and Bowls)
Served in a grilled tortilla with chips or over a bed of greens in a bowl – add side salad +2.00

The Bruce Wayne
Pesto Chicken Wrap
Seasoned grilled chicken in pesto aioli / spinach / roasted red pepper / walnuts / pesto aioli / Grilled Spinach Wrap or in a Bowl

The Jimmy [v]
Hummus & Veggie Wrap
Red Pepper Hummus / Sautéed zucchini / Savory Greens / Shredded Carrots / Baby Spinach / chili lime aioli / in a Grilled Tomato basil Wrap Or over Mixed Greens in a bowl

The Robin [v]
Sweet Potato Wrap
Roasted Seasoned Sweet Potato / avocado slices / seasoned chick peas / mixed greens/ basil aioli – in a grilled spinach wrap or over Mixed Greens in a bowl

The (New) Kent
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
breaded chicken in our own Buffalo Sauce / blue cheese dressing/ mixed greens / shredded carrot / blistered Tomatoes / grilled flour wrap or over mixed greens in a bowl

The Captain Cody
Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap
Boars Head turkey / crispy maple bacon / avocado slices / baby spinach / chili lime aioli in a grilled spinach wrap or over mixed greens in a bowl

The General Zod [v]
Mediterranean Veggie Wrap
Grilled Zucchini / Sautéed red, green, & sweet peppers / Apricot / shredded carrots
Sautéed Mushroom / White Onion / Blistered Tomatoes / Baby Spinach – in a Grilled Spinach Wrap Or over Mixed Greens

PANINO (8.95 – 9.25)
Sandwich grilled on a panini press
Served with chips / add side salad +2.00

The Flash – Turkey Gouda ……..9.25
Boars Head Turkey / smoked gouda / savory greens / seasoned mayo / on a grilled ciabatta roll Add: Avocado……………1.80
Shazam – Grilled Three Cheesy..8.95
Sharp Cheddar / Swiss / Gruyere cheese / seasoned mayonnaise on fresh seven grain bread / grilled on a panini press Add: Bacon or Canadian Bacon ….1.80ea.

Cat Woman
Caprese (Ca-Pray-Zee)
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Basil Bruschetta, and Balsamic Vinegar Glaze on a Grilled Ciabatta Roll
add Protein to any of the above – avocado / Chicken / Bacon / Turkey / Canadian Bacon Hummus………1.80 ea.

BREAKFAST (4.90 – 7.95)

Bagel Egg & Cheddar
Choice of Sesame, Everything, Plain

English Muffin, Egg, Cheddar
Doomsday Egg / Canadian bacon / gouda / sausage / cream cheese / spinach on a toasted ciabatta
Tuscan Sunrise Breakfast Wrap Scrambled egg / cheddar / bruschetta / spinach / in a 12” tomato basil tortilla
Mexican Sunset Breakfast Wrap Scrambled egg / salsa / fresh cilantro /Anejo cheese / sausage in a 12” flour tortilla
Add: Bacon / Canadian Bacon / Sausage / Avocado .1.80ea. Add Spinach .80

AVOCADO (4.90 – 7.90)
Bagel / vegan butter / avocado / seasoning
Bagel / avocado / bruschetta / balsamic redux
Bagel / scrambled egg / avocado / siracha
Avocado Toast
7 grain toast / seasoned avocado


Our Coffee

We source responsibly grown coffee and roast locally. “Instead of operating another heat generating, smoke billowing, roasting operation, we choose to support local roasters who create proprietary roasts specifically designed for our customer base” – this is just another way we Do Something Nice for the Planet.

Coffee Drinks

Daily Brew or Bold Roast (sm/med/lrg)
Specialty Roast 12 choices daily (sm/med/lrg)
Cafe Au Lait (sm/med/lrg)
Cafe & Cocoa (sm/med/lrg)
Cold Brew (sm/lrg)
Iced Coffee (sm/med/lrg)

Tea Drinks

Custom Brew 12 choices daily (sm/med/lrg)
Sweet Vanilla Chai (sm/med/lrg)
Tea Latte (sm/med/lrg)
Cold Brew Iced Tea

Iced Hibiscus Lime (sm/lrg)
Mango Tea Lemonade (sm/lrg)

Espresso Drinks

Espresso (single/double)
Cappucino (sm/med/lrg)
Macchiato (single/double)
Latte (sm/med/lrg)
Brazilian Cortado
Americano (sm/med/lrg)
Red Eye (sm/med/lrg)
Cafe Mocha (sm/med/lrg)
Speeding Bullet (sm/med/lrg)
Philomena (sm/med/lrg)

No Coffee Beverages

Hot Coco (sm/md/lrg)
Italian Soda (sm/lrg)
Slushy (sm/lrg)


Espresso with Sweetened Condensed Milk and Simple Syrup, shaken and served over Ice

Shakerato Classico
Shakerato Saigon (sm/lrg)
Rasta-Rato (sm/lrg)

Specialty Lattes

Caramel Coconut Dream (sm/med/lrg)
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry (sm/med/lrg)
Creamy Carmella (sm/med/lrg)
Butter Rum Yum (sm/med/lrg)
Mucho Mocha (sm/med/lrg)
French Vanilla White Mocha (sm/med/lrg)

Frappes (Frozen)

Cherry Blossom (No Coffee) (sm/lrg)
Orange Dreamsicle (No Coffee) (sm/lrg)
Coconut Cream (sm/lrg)
Arctic Mocha (sm/lrg)

Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry, Mango, and Banana (sm/lrg)
Add Protein + $1.00