About Us

Do Something Nice For The Planet, Daily.

The Daily Planet Coffee Co. was founded in 2014 on the idea that if you made a place for people to relax, work, visit, meet or just hang out, and provided great coffee, excellent service, and tasty food, they would come. The mission statement of the Daily Planet emphasizes this strategy with 4 succinct tenets:

“Make People Happy, Make Good Friends, Make Good Coffee,

and do something nice for the planet, daily.”

The name was based on that idea, although the obvious tie-in with the super hero newspaper is not lost. Daily Planet recycles, composts, uses recyclable, compostable, paper products, and strives to create a minimal ecological foot print. If you walk in the sand you can’t help but leave a footprint, but your footprint doesn’t have to last forever.


Daily Planet does not do it’s own roasting, by design. “Instead of operating another heat generating, smoke billowing, roasting operation, we choose to support local roasters who create proprietary roasts specifically designed for our customer base” says owner Mike Caputi, “this is just another way we Do Something Nice for the Planet”.


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