Our new hours are:
Monday – Saturday: 7am – 3pm
Sundays: 8am – 3pm

Daily Planet Coffee Co.

“Make People Happy, Make Good Friends, Make Good Coffee,
and do something nice for the planet, daily.”

About Us

Daily Planet Coffee Company opened in 2014 with the the belief that we could serve great coffee and food, provide excellent customer service, create a nice environment for the community to gather, and do something nice for the planet every day.

Although the obvious tie-in with the super hero newspaper is not lost on us, our name was inspired by the idea that we should all, think about the planet daily. Our mission says “do something nice for the planet daily.”
If you walk in the sand you can’t help but leave a footprint, but your footprint doesn’t have to last forever.

How do we, do something nice for the planet, daily?

We sort and recycle, we use post consumer, recycled, paper products. We use natural green cleaning products. Even our straws and lids are recycled and compostable.

We compost all of our organic waste, coffee grounds, and much of our paper and containers.

We use found objects & materials, in our décor, we buy second hand, we even use our coffee bags to create seat upholstery.

Go Local
We support the local business community, we source our food from local small businesses, we support local bakeries and partner with local suppliers.

Give Back
We work closely with local organizations, and non-profits. We host fundraisers & events to generate support and awareness.

Go Organic
We serve fair trade, organic, & bird friendly coffees & tea. We source locally grown, farm-to-table produce, and offer healthy alternatives.

Support the Arts
We promote local music and art, we feature an artist of the month, and local musicians perform their original compositions every week.


Have a cup of coffee, and do something nice for the planet, daily!




Find Us!

Daily Planet Coffee Company

1862 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, New York